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Top Five Herbal Weight Loss Supplement Choices

Herbal weight loss supplements have flooded the market these days. However, this does not speak too much about their safety and effectiveness in bringing about weight-loss. Despite that, people are eagerly trying out these supplements to lose weight. If you too want to try them out but want to know more about them before you jump in, following is a list of 5 most popular herbal weight loss supplements-

1. Hoodia- Going by its sales, it seems that this herb is the favorite of all. It is a plant herb which the tribesmen of Kalari (Africa) have used as an appetite suppresser for many centuries. Research has shown that the herb works by maintaining a higher proportion of APP in our brain’s hypothalamus region. Apart from suppressing hunger, there are evidences that the herb can help in digestion, sexual stimulation and protection from ailments.

All this makes hoodia sound as a perfect choice for weight losers. However, they are let down at the level of the product. Most hoodia-based supplements retailed retailers on the internet don’t have sufficient active amount of hoodia present in them. This is because an economical way hasn’t been yet found out for producing its capsule form. Those who have been able to do so have passed on the costs to the customers.

2. Guarana- Another popular herb used for making weight loss supplements is Guarana. It is also referred to as zoom. The herb induces stimulant and diuretic effects which help in reducing weight. Caffeine is the most active ingredient in the herb. In fact, regular caffeine intake can minimize the side effects of this drug.

The herb has the ability to increase energy levels. However, an overdose can induce small tremors. This makes the herb unfit for those whose work requires delicate hand-eye coordination.

3. Aloe- Off late, the herb aloe has found its way into weight loss products. Its ability to generate strong bowl movements is something which has now been exploited by weight-loss supplement manufacturers. However, aloe is a herb which is not recommended for use for longer periods. On occasions, instead of bowl movements, one can get stomach cramps, electrolyte imbalance, diarrhea, and reduction in the levels of potassium in the body. Even otherwise, the use of aloe has not shown any long term weight losses. So it is best to use it discretely.

4. St. John's wort- This herb is known for its ability to control depression and mood swings. Hence, apart from being used in weigh loss supplements, it is also used as an anti-depressant. Consumption of a St. John's wort-based weight loss supplement can work if there are only psychological barriers obstructing an overweight person to lose weight. However, the herb is also known for interfering with some other medications on which people subsist these days.

5. Glucomannan- The herb is usually used to treat bodily ailments like diabetes, hyperlipidemia, constipation and hypercholesterolemia. Off late, its use in weight loss supplement has begun. Its ability to delay absorption of sugar by the intestines is something which is now used to monitor sugar levels inside our body. Apart from that, it is also thought to affect lipid metabolism in our body. A word of caution; those who are suffering from hypoglycemia, GI dysfunction, or have diabetes should use it with caution.
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