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Weight Loss through Hoodia

Hoodia is one amongst a variety of herbs that are thought to induce weight loss. However, their effectiveness is not well known as researchers have not been able to conclusively point out how exactly hoodia functions.

Hoodia is a cactus that is extensively found in the African Kalahari desert. It is widely popular amongst the native tribes living in the region, whose men take the herb along with them on long hunting trips. The herb suppresses their hunger during this period and thus they are able to cope up with lack of food in the desert.

So, is hoodia an appetite suppressant? Many research groups have tried to justify this claim that has been made by the practices of the native tribes of Africa. So far, their research has not pointed to any concrete evidence. It is perceived that the herb affects that part of the brain which is responsible for controlling hunger. But this theory has not been corroborated so far due to which it still remains a theory.

This has not affected the popularity of the herb. Today, it is one of the many favorites of those who actively seek medical help to lose weight. They know it by the chemical name "Molecule P57". Because it is a naturally occurring herb with very limited affect on the nervous system, it is considered safe for direct retail. One does not need a doctor's prescription to buy it.

If you want to try out the herb, you will either get it in a capsule form or a chewable form. Chose from the two according to your comfort. Further, opt for those formulas that promise faster results. The rapidity or slowness of the herbs effects would be mentioned on the label of the product. Look out for phrases such as "fast absorption", "quick-acting" or "slow release". Also, do not buy those products that have stimulating substances like caffeine.

To ascertain whether hoodia is actually working for you or not, it is better to have it for two to three weeks at a stretch. Also, do not take any other type of weight loss medication within this period. Do not cut down upon your diet as well. Eat normally, just like the way you were eating prior to taking hoodia.

If you want to take hoodia, there is no need to exercise. Hoodia would automatically take care of the extra fat in the body by creating a healthy and safe calorie deficit in the body. It would reduce your hunger, thereby reducing your propensity to eat. The calorie deficit would be taken care off by the body through metabolism of fat stored inside.

Hoodia is thought to work naturally, i.e. it does not interfere with the natural patterns of the body. However, the effects may depend upon the amount of hoodia taken. Due to this, manufacturers recommend that your dosage of hoodia should vary. Only after that you will be able to find how much hoodia is sufficient for you to begin losing weight.
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