Know The Causes Of Freshman 15

Freshman 15- the term refers to the roughly 15 pounds that freshmen gain during the first year of their college. However, 15 is just an average here. The weight gain could be ten or even twenty pounds. In most cases, this sudden weight gain lasts for quite some time. But, how does the fresh lease of life in college lead to weight gain? Let us find out.

Alteration in eating habits
As long as kids are staying in with their parents, they do not have to bother about their meals. The parents already chalk out a healthy eating plan. However, things change when a child shifts to college and the meals need to be taken care of. The diet then primarily comprises of fast foods, instant noodles, chips, pastries and the like.

Eat and study
This is a common practice that most college goers tend to follow. They hog on to junk food as they go about studying. This could be because junk food serves as some kind of pacifier to anxiety and other emotions. However, eating while studying may not be the best thing to do. Eating unhealthy foods in large amounts and not burning it will obviously lead to weight gain.

Late night food
Many college goers develop the habit of eating late at night. Partying or studying late in the night is a common phenomenon at college, which is usually accompanied by eating. The late night eating does not leave your body with enough time to burn calories, which results in weight gain.

Emotional eating
College life comes with many challenges. One may have problem dealing with homesickness, academic pressure and new relationships. To deal with the anxiety that comes with these challenges, many students retort to emotional eating. Here in, a student eats to satisfy his/her feelings and emotions instead of hunger.

Lack of exercise
Let's accept it- college life is busy for sure! You may not be left with enough time to get into an exercise regime. This again contributes to the concept of Freshman 15.

Alcohol binge
Freshmen tend to get drawn towards habits like drinking, which again leads to weight gain. Firstly, alcoholic drinks are high on calories. In addition, they deteriorate the muscle tissue, thereby reducing metabolism. It is important to not make drinking a regular habit.

Gorging on fast food

Fast food is the choice of college goers especially freshmen. Fast food is a convenient choice, especially for those who are not great guns at cooking. The trick is to make healthier food choices. Instead of opting for burgers and deep fried nuggets, go in for whole grain sandwiches, salads, fruits and the like.

It is important that these causes be rectified if one does not want to fall prey to Freshman 15.

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