Get Inspired to Lose Weight by These Celebrity Fitness Secrets

A characteristic of all almost all celebrities is that they look good on-screen. They not only have great looks but support great bodies as well. However, the perfect shape of their body is not a God-given gift. They work hard to get it. And if they, so can you. Here are some celebrity fitness secrets for you to follow-

Jessica Alba- The actress stays in shape by lifting weights. As a part of keeping a control over her eating habits, she also cooks her meals herself.

Madonna- Madonna's earlier method to a great shape was a rigorous weight lifting workout regime. However, she recently switched to Ashtanga yoga to stay in shape.

Jennifer Lopez- The singer-actress practices yoga to stay in shape. Apart from yogasanas, she indulges in a disciplined and healthy eating habit, eats a protein rich diet, and stays away from smoking and alcohol.

Jennifer Aniston- Jennifer Aniston practices an oriental form of martial arts and yoga called Boudokon. Apart from that this Hollywood Diva avidly follows the Zone Diet to stay in shape.

Heidi Klum- The ex-super model stays in shape by following a strict program of cardio exercises and strength training.

Jessica Simpson- Jessica Simpson does what others do. She too follows a routine of cardio and strength training. However, what makes her special is that she works out more than what others do.

Eva Longoria- The Desperate Housewives superstar, stays in shape by a following a mix of weight- training, cardio and yoga exercise sessions. She also performs squats, lunges, and leg presses for bigger and tighter butt.

Claudia Schiffer- Claudia Schiffer takes recourse to Pilates in order to stay in shape. Other celebrities that do Pilates are Hilary Duff, Hillary Swank, Kirsten Dunst and Uma Thurman.

Gwyneth Paltrow-
Gwyneth indulges in yoga sessions three to four times a week in order to stay in shape.

Oprah Winfrey- The queen of chat-shows stays in shape by doing a lot of things. To begin with, she does cardio exercises 6 days a week. This is followed by strength training for 6 days a week. She also does Pilates and on Sundays, she goes for some outdoor activity or the other. Apart from exercising, she religiously follows a very strict diet plan well.

Paris Hilton- The hotel heiress and socialite stays in her hourglass figure by doing cardio exercise, squats, and thigh-machine. Sometimes, she also opts for reverse crunches.

Cameron Diaz- The actress stays in shape by opting for outdoor adventure games such as hiking, surfing, and snowboarding. As far as formal exercises are concerned, she does reverse crunches.

Hillary Duff- The teen superstar gave up on yoga after it did not work out for her. She then moved on to crunches, Pilates, and swimming.

You can take inspiration from the fitness secrets of these celebrities and get into shape in a manner similar to theirs.
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