Weight Loss through Gastric Bypass Surgery

For those who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 and above, gastric bypass surgery is the recommended way of losing weight. In a gastric bypass surgery, which is a type of bariatric surgery, the stomach would be surgically operated upon to reduce its size.

How does this result in weight loss?
The usual way of gaining weight is by over-eating. However, these days even regular diets can result in gaining of weight. The reason for that is the high amount of carbohydrates and trans-fats present in the food that we eat. These two groups have a direct relationship with weight gain. Coupled with a lack of exercise, they can get accumulated inside our body and lead to medical complications at a later stage.

This usually goes unnoticed till the symptoms of serious medical ailment emerge. Only then do we sit up and recognize the fact that we have ruined our body. In such a situation, the way to lose weight is to eat right and exercise. However, this type of change in such a lifestyle will take place only over a long period of time; and that too when there is a sustained effort all the while.

Gastric bypass surgery comes as a solution for those whose problem has deteriorated beyond a point of no return, and who need to immediately lose weight. It is open surgical procedure. The abdomen is surgically opened up to reveal the stomach, which is then surgically refigured into a small and big pouch.

This procedure is then followed by the cutting of the small intestine. The smaller pouch of the stomach is then connected to the far-away portion of the intestine, while the bigger pouch is attached to the nearer version of the smaller intestine. This allows it to continue with its previous objective of delivering digestive juices and hormones.

The surgery helps in reducing weight in a slightly unconventional manner. It creates a smaller pouch for the reception of the food. Due to its small size the pouch fills up with a very small amount of food, thereby promoting a feeling of fullness. They body feels full and starts working upon the food. The amount of calories thereby absorbed is less which is then increased by burning the fat stored inside the body. There is also an improvement in the body's metabolism rate.

Performing gastric bypass surgeries has become quite easy. Unlike the use of "open surgery", surgeons today use the laparoscopic method. In it, small incisions are made in the abdomen, at exactly those places where alterations need to be done. With the adoption of this method, the risks involved in the surgery have greatly come down. Currently, two techniques are available for gastric bypass:

- Roux-en-Y-gastric bypass (traditional and laparoscopic)
- Biliopancreatic Diversion Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is a blessing in disguise for those who need an extremely quick way of losing weight. With the help of proper post-surgery diet, they would recover immediately and would begin to rapidly lose weight.
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