Reduce Weight with Sleeve Gastrectomy

Imagine your stomach getting reduced to just 15 percent of its original size! Did you get scared? Well, you don't need to. Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical weight loss procedure wherein the size of stomach is reduced to just 15 percent of the original size. It removes a large portion of your stomach. It is a laparoscopic procedure which is non-reversible.

Extremely obese people with BMI more than 40 are the best candidates for Sleeve Gastrectomy. Weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass or duodenal switch can not be performed directly on these people and so Sleeve Gastrectomy comes out as a very good and effective weight loss option for them.

It is usually a two step procedure in which sleeve gastrectomy is performed in the first step followed by a conversion in to a gastric bypass or duodenal switch in the second step. People usually lose a lot of their excessive weight after the first step. In cases where weight loss may ceases, the second step may be required. But, this does not apply to all the cases.

Are there any complications involved?
Sleeve Gastrectomy could be followed by complications like dilation of the sleeve or leakage and any of the other usual complications associated with bariatric surgery. Smoking could lead to real adverse effects and so it is advisable to stop smoking completely after the surgery. Acid Reflux is another common complication that may arise for some time.

Before you go for Sleeve Gastrectomy
You must know that you are going for one of the most effective weight loss surgeries and so you need not worry about the results. You must at least be 28 years of age with BMI over 40, or at least 35. You must have at least have had that BMI for more than 5 years with several failed attempts of making it back to normal. Be psychologically prepared for the surgery and think about the dietary and lifestyle changes that you would have to adopt after the surgery.

What results can you expect from Sleeve Gastrectomy?
Sleeve Gastrectomy is a very effective weight loss surgery that is known to lead to considerable weight loss in most of the cases. Mild to moderate pain and 3 to 4 days of hospitalization is involved in the surgery. Initial recovery days may come with a little amount of pain that would eventually subside.

Therefore, it can not be denied that Sleeve Gastrectomy is one of the best weight loss surgeries available for the obese people today. A couple of appointments with your doctor can help you determine if it would solve your age old problem of obesity or not.
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