Lapband Weight Loss Surgery - Is It Successful?

Lap-band surgery is one of the many methods of losing weight. However, this is an intrusive and restrictive method of losing weight in which the body is forcibly made to eat less. How it is actually realized is as follows.

In a lapband surgery, also known as adjustable gastric banding surgery, a band with a silicone ring is fixed around the upper part of the stomach. The purpose of doing so is to slow down the rate of passage of food from the upper part of the stomach to the lower part, thereby prolonging a feeling a fullness.

Once the rate of flow of food is slowed down from the upper part of the stomach to its lower part, the person does not feel hunger pangs as often as he/she used to do earlier. Food remains for a longer time inside the stomach, thereby giving a natural feeling of being full. The amount of calories thereby taken in is reduced, which may or may not lead to weight loss.

The real process which takes place after the surgery is performed is that the silicone ring creates a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach. The size of this pouch is not fixed as the ring is adjustable in nature. Once the ring is in place, it acts like an inner tube whose size can be then increased or decreased in order to achieve weight loss results.

The surgery, being complex in nature, is performed in a hospital or a surgery center. The patient is laparoscopically operated upon in a state of general anesthesia. This allows the surgeon to work using long instruments placed in the body through incisions that are only a few centimeters long.

However, there are some rare cases in which the surgery is performed in an "open" manner.  In such a situation, the incision made is a larger one. There are also some cases in which the occasion demands that a laparoscopic surgery becomes an "open" surgery. In such cases, the incision is opened up a little wider in order to facilitate the surgical process.

Patients generally prefer laparoscopic surgeries. Even the surgeons find it more appealing as there is minimal amount of invasion and loss of blood. Further, one requires the least amount of recovery time. There is no risk of malnutrition posed to the patient as well. While some patients return to work within a few days, others take a week or so to return to their normal work.

Now the important question. Does lapband weight loss surgery deliver what it promises? The answer seems to be yes. However, the rate of weight loss is slow, but steady. In a week, an individual loses weight at the rate of around two pounds. The best part is that this slow rate minimizes the occurrence of side effects like gallstones and loose skin hanging from the abdomen area.
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