Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Are you tired of trying out every other weight loss method to lose weight? If yes then a weight loss surgery may prove to be your last resort. A weight loss surgery is done only when a person fails to respond to any other traditional method of weight loss. It is the foremost condition that you must fulfill to qualify as a candidate for weight loss surgery.

Apart from this, if you are at high risk of incurring diseases due to over weight or have chances of suffering from disability due to obesity then you are a good candidate for a weight loss surgery. Also people who have obesity as a genetic problem respond well to such surgeries.

People with extremely high Body Mass Index (BMI) or those who have been suffering from obesity for five years or more can also opt for weight loss surgery. But, they must not have a history of alcohol or drug abuse and any untreated psychiatric disorder.

Anyone between the age of 18 to 65, can go for weight loss surgery. In case of teens, there may be certain additional criteria applicable for the candidature.

In case of children and adolescents weight loss surgery may not be a permanent cure of obesity. The surgery may lead to reduction in weight for the time being but it can not be confirmed that the effects will stay. If the individual resorts to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle after the surgery then he may end up gaining weight again.

This is one basic reason why a weight loss surgery is not easily suggested by a doctor for an obese child or adolescent.

In case of adolescents and children if the individual has been suffering from obesity that may cause threat to life then only it is advisable to go for weight loss surgery. A BMI of more than 40 is the benchmark to qualify as a prospective candidate for weight loss surgery in teens.

If you fall into any of the above mentioned criteria then you may be looked upon as a prospective candidate for weight loss surgery. But, you must remember that after the surgery you need to follow certain after care tips for the surgery to come out as successful. Have realistic expectations and follow all the guidelines to get the best results.

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle and diet routine after the surgery is the best way to get the maximum out of it.
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