What Causes Obesity?

While there are many who battle the woes of obesity, there are very few who actually know what this health condition really means. Most people think of obesity as a condition where body weight exceeds the norms. This is however a narrow definition of the term. Obesity is a health condition of the body where weight and body fat have reached risky levels and can pose various health problems and conditions.

What causes obesity?
Obesity cannot be attributed to unhealthy eating or lack of exercise alone. There are a whole lot of factors that are responsible for the problem. Other than physical factors a variety of environmental, social and genetic factors also prove to be a major cause of the problem. These factors interact together and result in obesity.

Social factors
Early childhood and adolescence are two stages in a person’s life where most habits are developed. This includes the eating habits too. This is the right time for an individual to develop healthy eating habits. Parents have a major role to play in this. They should teach their children nor only to eat healthy and a balanced diet but also make it enjoyable for them. Since children easily pick up behaviors and habits from their surroundings, parents should make sure that they pick up the right habits.

Environmental factors
As your child steps into school, he is exposed to new foods. Here the role of educational institutions comes to play. Unfortunately enough, these institutions do not take much care as regards choosing the right food for your child. In fact most of the schools offer ‘junk foods’ that mark the beginning of unhealthy habits in your kids.

While schooldays pass away, and an individual steps into his teens, he or she forms groups or a circle of friends. The eating habits of this group influence what your child eats in a major way.  For instance there are many groups that prefer eating o0ut in fast food joints. Directly or indirectly, children and teens are pressurized to eat what their group does and be a part of the unhealthy eating fraternity.

Genetic factors
These factors are the ones over which an individual has no control. Genetic factors are the ones that are inherited from ancestors and are a part of our bilogival formation.

Dangers of obesity
The health problems and conditions posed as a result of obesity can range from anything as minor as lethargy to the more serious and complicated ones like various cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and blood pressure.
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