Take the Weight off Your Heart

Obesity is a major cause of coronary artery disease and heart failure. It also makes you prone to health troubles such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Thus it is advised to not take it lightly.

Top 5 Obesity Facts

So you thought you knew all about obesity? Well, may be not. Here are 5 top facts about obesity that may leave you astonished. It is a serious health ailment and you ought to know it.

Fat Isn't Funny- Know the Causes and Dangers of Obesity

Obesity affects 1 in 4 of all American adults. And 9 million at least are 'morbidly obese'. Herein know that high body fat is not just about extra weight; it makes you a sitting duck for all kinds of diseases to attack.

How to Overcome Emotional Eating?

When the person eats due to anything except for hunger, it is termed as emotional eating. Here are a few basic strategies that will help you overcome the problem.

What Causes Obesity?

Obesity is a common disorder across the world. To battle the problem successfully it is very important for a person to know what the problem really means and what causes it.