A Complete Guide on Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

What is weight loss surgery or a Bariatric surgery? Who can go for it? What all kinds of such surgeries are available today? Get answers for all these questions and many more and know all about weight loss surgeries below.

Vertical Banded Gastroplasty- Not a Popular Weight Loss Surgery Anymore!

Vertical Banded Gastroplasty is no longer a very popular weight loss surgery. But the fact that it is considered dangerous today makes it important for you to know about it!

Sip Green Tea, Lose Weight Easily

Green tea brings you the kind of weight loss you always wanted. You do not have to go through those strenuous workouts anymore.

Transoral Gastroplasty- The Fast Emerging Weight Loss Surgery

Transoral Gastroplasty is not-cut surgical procedure which helps to lose almost 40 percent of your excess body weight. It staples the stomach to form a thumb sized tube that can hold only a small amount of food.

Drink Up Water to Lose Weight

The search for simple ways to lose weight is still going on. People wanted to opt for natural ways to lose weight because such ways do not have any side effects.

Lapband Weight Loss Surgery - Is It Successful?

Lap-band surgery is one of the many methods of losing weight. However, this is an intrusive and restrictive method of losing weight in which the body is forcibly made to eat less. How it is actually realized is as follows.

Calculate Body Mass Index to Know Your Weight Status

Your body mass index (BMI) reflects the condition of your health. It provides you a statistical figure to gauge whether you are underweight, overweight, or grossly obese.

Things to Consider After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery should be the last retort. After all life post surgery is going to be different and will require a lot of care and caution on your part. Here is your guide on the same.

Weight Loss Products You Can Put to Use

These days, there are numerous weight loss products that provide you the requisite support in the process of losing weight and make your weight loss process a lot simpler.

How to Deal with Obesity

Dealing with obesity is certainly difficult but not impossible provided you know how to do it the right way. Once you tread the route to weight loss you shall know that fighting obesity is all about making the right move.

Your Guide to Lose Ten Pounds in Five Weeks

What is the key to lose weight? Weight loss diets, appetite suppressants, exercise regimes, weight loss plans and a lot more options are there to help you. Then why do you fail to stick to your lose ‘10 pound goal’?