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Fat free Recipes for People on Diet

It is very easy to make your own low fat recipes. You just need to keep these recipes low in saturated fats. In place of whole fats, include low fat substitutes. Use skimmed milk in place of full cream milk. If you happen to be a non vegetarian, there could be number of poultry meat recipes for you instead of red meat recipes. Chicken Sandwich is one such popular food.

You surely enjoy Quiche on diet. It is very popular among people struggling to reduce weight. The food is not as rich in calorie as other high fat foods. It's made up of egg and fat free cheese. Its other ingredients are mushroom, tomato, yoghurt and skimmed milk. The recipe could be easily prepared. Just sauté mushrooms and onions in skimmed milk. Beat eggs half and half and add salt and pepper. Add mushroom and onion mixture and fat free cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Obese school going kids are often recommended this recipe that could be easily carried in lunch boxes.

Apricot chicken is another such recipe that could be taken while your weight loss endeavor is on. Heat two teas spoons of olive oil and fry onions. Add the chicken and brown slightly. Add fresh or dried sage. Add pepper, salt and paprika. Add the apricots to the chicken and the rest of the ingredients. Add apple chutney. Add some water and boil. Add corn flour to thicken the mixture. Cook until chicken is tender. Garnish with mint. Serve hot with brown rice. The recipe provides barely five grams of fat per person. And even total calorie per person happens to be below two hundred.

While reducing your weight, it is better you relish salad recipes as they are very low in calories and fibers offered by these salad recipes often help reduce fat of the body. Walnut and bacon salad recipe is a popular choice. The recipe involves spinach and avacado as well. Tomato and onion could be additional ingredients.
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