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Are You Looking For Diet Foods?

Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta
You might know that breads made from whole grains are low in fat. Such bread also has fiber and complex carbohydrates in a healthy mix. You can have these breads as an addition to meals or as sandwiches. It is better if  you avoid rich bakery foods such as sweet rolls, muffins, and donuts. Instead, try snacks such as angel food cake and gingersnap cookies that satiate your sweet tooth without adding fat to your diet.

Never go for fried snacks such as tortilla chips and potato chips. If you want to have, the low fat or baked versions you can always do so.

Vegetables and Fruits
Raw fruits and green vegetables are naturally low on fat and high on complex carbohydrates. Such food groups add  flavor, color and variety to your diet. As fruits and vegetables are high on vitamin, fiber and mineral content, they meet your nutritional requirements very well. 

Use herbs, yogurt or vinaigrettes as seasonings or dressings for your salads instead of margarine, butter, cream or mayonnaise.

Beef, Pork, Veal and Lamb
The healthiest ways to prepare meat are by broiling, baking or roasting. Use either a nonstick pan or nonstick spray coating for broiling or pan frying lean cuts.

You should trim excess fat before cooking. If possible, trim any fat from the inside of cuts before you cook them. Meat should be lean. To season meat, use spices and herbs such as paprika, sage, rosemary or thyme. Avoid high fat sauces and gravies.

The healthiest ways to prepare poultry is through broiling, baking or roasting. You should use either a nonstick pan or nonstick spray coating to pan-broil or stir-fry skinless poultry products.

You should remove the skin and visible fats before you cook poultry. Low-fat breast cuts should be preferred. Avoid drumsticks, neck and thighs as these pieces have a higher fat content.

The healthiest ways to prepare fish are through broiling, baking, steaming and poaching.  Omega-3 fatty acids, found in some fatty fish such as salmon and fresh water trout may help in minimizing the risk of heart disease.

Milk, Yogurt and Cheese-
Skim milk or buttermilk is low in fat. If at all, you need to add milk while cooking use skimmed milk. For soups and sauces, you should use evaporated skim milk instead of  cream.

Always use low fat cheeses. Cream cheese in a vegetable dip or on a bagel should be substituted by skim cheese. In cheddar cheese recipes, use part-skim mozzarella instead. Always prefer low fat natural or cheddar cheeses.

Well with all this, you can enjoy your meals without giving much thought to fats and weight gain.
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