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Veggie is in!

It’s time to go green by incorporating the right vegetables in your diet. Junk those pastas and pizzas and instead go in for fresh and natural vegetables. Vegetables are a great way to go if you want a healthier you. Considering all the positive effects that vegetables can have on your well being, it is a must that you include them in your diet.

Why vegetables?
There is more than just one reason for you to switch to vegetables. Vegetables help in increasing the blood levels of many protective antioxidants. These protective antioxidants improve your body’s immunity to a host of external factors. They not just fight but also reduce the risk of various diseases.

The benefit of including vegetables in your daily diet is a long list. The antioxidants that vegetables comprise of not just boost your immunity system, but also help preserve your memory and learning capabilities. Even if your hair is turning gray, vegetables will continue to aid your memory.

Various studies have also suggested that intake of vegetables can cut down the risk of various health hazards. Some of the health problems that can be avoided with a high veggie intake include stroke, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

It is because of the potential benefits of vegetables that almost every health organization including the likes of American Heart Association, American Institute for Cancer Research, and American Diabetes Association suggest a high vegetable intake.

How much to consume?
Now that you are convinced enough about the benefits that the consumption of vegetables can bring in, you surely would want to include them in your diet. But in case you are confused and don’t know how much your ideal intake should be, the following vegetable schedule can help you out.

Ideally you should consume about 14 cups of vegetables in a week. Eating 14 cups of vegetables in a week may sound a little difficult. But if you divide your veggies into five groups, like the experts do, the job will become a lot easier.

Ideal intake: 2 cups a week
What to include: Spinach, Brocolli, Romaine, turnip and Mustard Greens

Ideal intake: one and half cups per week
What to include: Carrots, Sweet potatoes, Pumpkin

Ideal intake: two and half cups per week
What to include: Pinto beans, kidney Beans, Black Beans, Tofu

Ideal intake: two and half cups per week
What to include: Potatoes, Corn

Ideal intake: five and half cups per week
What to include: Asparagus, cabbage, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Green Beans, Bell peppers, Tomatoes

Now that you know the benefits of the veggies factor and know about their ideal consumption too, it is time to go green.
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