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Snack Smart At College

Weight issues are common place with college goers. A primary reason for the same is the unhealthy snacking that they are addicted to. Switch to smart snacking and you could get rid of those extra pounds.

Have healthy snacks handy
When in the dorm room, you would want to grab a pack of chips every now and then. But, since you are following the 'healthy eating' concept, it is time to chuck the bag of chips out. Instead, have healthy snacks handy. Graham crackers, granola bars, nuts, low fat popcorn, soup pots, tuna packets, pita bread, string cheese, hummus, yogurt are some healthy snacks that you could have. Every time you feel hungry, you can grab one of them and binge without any guilt.

Know some easy to make healthy recipes
It is important to know some easy to make low calorie snacks if you wish to follow healthy snacking religiously. Have some quick recipes handy and you can dish one of them every time you wish to eat something substantial. Some recipes that are easy to make and low on calories include spruced up bagels, quick pancakes, macaroni with low fat cheese amidst several others. While you are preparing healthy snacks, always make it a point to use healthier ingredients. For instance, you could go in for whole grain bread instead of white bread. If you are making salads, go in for healthier dressings like olive oil instead of mayonnaise.

Look for healthier alternatives
No matter what you like eating, you are sure to find a healthier substitute for the same. When you go out for grocery shopping, try looking for healthier alternatives to the food you buy. For instance, if you have been gorging on instant noodles, try to go in for wheat noodles or other whole grain noodles. This way you will be able to cut down on unwanted calories. When you are out for grocery shopping, make sure that you stack in healthy staples for a week or two.

Make it a rule
It is much easier to stick to healthy snacking when you have everyone else doing the same too. Encourage your roomies to stick to healthy snacking. This will make the whole idea of healthy eating a whole lot of fun. Your roomies may come up with more healthy snacking ideas. You could even set up rewards for the one who confers most to the healthy eating regime. When you do this in a group, you wouldn't even realize when healthy eating will become a part of your life.

Follow these tips and change the way you snack. The results will be there for all to see.

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