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10 Ways To Change The Way You Eat

Weight not only depends on what you eat rather it also depends on how you eat. Read the most amazing 10 changes that can help you get rid of excess weight easily.

Cut down on your dishes
Use a small plate as it can help you cut down on your meals. Even a study has proved that use of larger dishes leads to larger consumption of food. The best you can do is use a salad plate when having dinner and this may eventually lead to downsize in your servings.

Chew the food slower
Have you ever noticed the way you eat? Due to busy lifestyle, people don't even get time to eat their food properly. They eat hurriedly- in car, while doing everyday tasks and in between the work breaks. This cycle continues and has even become a habit. Only on Sundays or time when you take leisure breaks, you slow down and eat properly. You must know that chewing slowly improves digestion and allows an individual to savor the food. It also prevents binge eating. So, chew food slowly and properly.

Color plays an important role
Human appetite is also affected by the color of dishes used. If you eat from a red color plate, you will surely end up eating more than usual. Kitchen's colors also influences the eating patterns. Red, yellow and orange are appetite-stimulating colors, therefore light blue or mint green should be preferred for coloring eatery.

Burst stress before dinner
Before having dinner, relax by doing some deep breathing or go for a leisure walk to de-stress yourself. Stress leads to overeating. So, de-stressing yourself before dinner will help your digestive system and chill you out.

Drink water
Strictly say no to soda, aerated drinks, and juices when having dinner. Drink water to keep your body hydrated as well as your stomach fuller. Cold water can eventually give your metabolism a little pump.

Get off the area
After you finish your dinner, go to another room. Switch on to other activities such as go out for a walk with your dog or read newspaper, etc. If you will keep sitting at the dinner table then you will surely end up picking the leftovers.

Avoid multitasking
Don't indulge in any other activity while eating. If you will do something else with eating, you will end up eating more, without realizing that you were already full. This way, you wouldn't be able to count your calorie intake as well.

Fill your servings with salad and soup
Drink broth-based soup before dinner. It will cut down you appetite, thereby making you eat less.

Select one place to have food
Choose one particular place to have food. This way, you will eat less often.

Keep one meal on plate
At the start itself, don't keep two meals in your plate.

So, these tricks can surely help you change the way you eat.

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