How To Curb Childhood Obesity In School?

After home, children spend a major portion of time in schools. Thus, the environment in schools can play a significant role in curbing childhood obesity. Schools can make appropriate changes and implement a proper fitness program and keep the obesity levels in check. Here are some of the things that can be done in school to control childhood obesity.

This is the most important thing that needs to be done at school to control childhood obesity. Teachers and other staff members should educate children about the health risks associated with obesity. Children should also be taught about various healthy weight loss methods.

Healthy school meals
Schools should focus on providing a healthier and nutritionally well balanced meal to students. Also school authorities should make sure that these school meals are cooked by healthy cooking methods instead of the unhealthy ones such as deep- frying. To add on, school meals should also include additional meals in order meet different taste preferences.

Sufficient lunch breaks
One of the most prominent reasons why children enjoy junk food is that these foods make for a quick bite. To overcome this constraint, schools should ensure that the lunch break is of sufficient duration. This will help children at ease and enjoy their healthy meals.


Students who follow healthy eating habits should be identified and set promoted as role models. Such students should also be rewarded with appropriate rewards. This will encourage other students to follow a healthy lifestyle.

More time for sports
While academics are important, it is also important for children to indulge in sports. Schools should allocate more time for sports and other recreational activities. Authorities should make it compulsory for students to participate in some or the other sport in order to ensure 100% participation.

Compulsory exercise hour

Schools should allocate an exercise hour and make it compulsory for students to attend the same. Regular exercising will help students to lose weight

Encourage family involvements
Encouraging family and guardians to support children in their weight loss program will help them lose weight more successfully.

Provide training to school teachers and staff members so that they can impart appropriate health education to children. They should also be able to teach children ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Proper evaluation methods and technique should be put to use to ascertain whether or not children are benefiting from the implemented health program. Evaluation should be done on a regular basis. In case, the results offered by the implied health program are negligible appropriate changes can be made to the plan.

If schools take appropriate steps then controlling childhood obesity should not be a difficult thing to do.
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