Understanding Childhood Obesity

Parents out of their love for children let them eat anything and everything, without even paying heed to what effects that particular food can have on their child. Fatty diets, unhealthy lifestyle, zero physical activity contributes to childhood obesity.

Main cause of obesity
Balanced and well cooked meals have become a thing of past now. Adults are the only culprits who are also the main reason behind their children's unhealthy eating habits. Especially, working parents pay no attention to the eating habits of their children. Lack of nutrition can be one reason behind childhood obesity. Besides, technological advancements can be the other reason behind obesity. With the advent of TV, computers, mobile, video games, etc. life has become so simple that there is no mobility. Earlier children used to enjoy playing football, but now children are much happier playing football on their play station. So, lack of mobility also is one reason that is responsible for children obesity.

How obesity can affect your child?
Childhood obesity is not as concerned with health or medical issues as it is concerned with the emotional issues of a child. Your child may not be accepted well between his peer groups, due to overweight. This can direct your child towards depression and isolation. Low-self esteem is one big con of childhood obesity. This can further affect their social life. A sense of insecurity creeps in and it can be devastating for your child's emotional as well as mental condition.

Determine whether your child is obese or not
It is important for parents to be concerned about their little ones and keep a check on their eating habits. These bad eating habits can eventually lead to serious health issues. So, it is important to determine the eating pattern of your child.

* Keep a tab on your child's eating habits as well as activity level. If your child is indulged in overeating and he is not exercising enough to balance those extra calories then he may gain weight in some time.
* Check the BMI (body mass index) of your child. BMI calculation is helpful in determining your kid's ideal weight as per his height. This can help you to assess whether your child has an ideal weight or he needs to reduce.
* Consider your child's body frame. Assess whether your child has a larger chest or smaller mid-frame, and so on. This can work wonders to understand the right shape of your child.
* Genetics play an important role. If you too are obese then it is probable that your child can be as obese as you, due to inherit tendency.

What can be done?
It is important to introduce new kinds of physical activities to your child's life. Perhaps, he cannot join gym like adults in such a tender age. So, take an initiative and familiarize your child with importance of exercise in one's lie. Go for walk with him and get involved in any type of outdoor activity.

Therefore, don't let obesity hamper your child's physically as well as emotional growth.

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