Childhood Obesity

If you thought that obesity was the legacy of adults, then you probably need to think it over. The obesity syndrome can hit your young one too. So, what you have been considering as baby fat and loving your child for, may not be all that a favorable health condition for your child.

The problem
If statistics are to be believed then the problem of excessive weight in children and adolescents has become rampant in the United States. 13% of children aged 6 to 11 years and 14% of adolescents aged 12 to 19 years are overweight. The figure is shocking enough for parents to get up and take notice.

The causes
While many of you may think obesity in kids as an epidemic, this is not really so. It is the unhealthy lifestyles that we are inculcating in our kids that is to be blamed. Kids of today are rather more accustomed to their packet of chips than to fresh fruits and vegetables. Sedentary lifestyles with mode of recreation such as playing video games and watching television are another important causes of the problem. However, genetics may also play an important role in weight building in your kids.

The symptoms
To know whether your child is obese or not, you should first know the ideal weight for children of the same age group and height. Consult a doctor or a health practitioner to know the same. Your doctor may be figure out any medicinal problems that may be causing weight gain in your child or some other genetic disorder that can be responsible.

The threats
You child may look cute and oh-so-adorable in that chubby fat but he actually may be heading to several serious health conditions. Children who are overweight tend to be obese even as adults and are posed to a variety of health problems. However, your kid may not have to wait till his adulthood to face several risk factors. Even kids too can be posed with dangers like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and liver disease.

The solution
To help your child get rid of obesity, help him inculcate a healthy lifestyle first. This will include making changes in both his diet and physical activity. Tell your child to switch to whole grain foods along with fruits and vegetables. This will help your child switch on to health habit in the long run.

Try to encourage more physical activity. Switch off the television and keep that video game aside. Tell your child to go to the park or encourage him to go cycling. Seeking medicines for child obesity is a strict no-no.

More than anything your child needs your encouragement and support to fight obesity.
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