What Are The Causes Of Childhood Obesity?

If you want your child to get rid of that excess fat then it is important that you understand the causes of childhood obesity in the first place.

Is Your Child Suffering From Childhood Obesity?

A child is constantly growing. So, how do you know that what appears as extra weight is only a part of the normal growing process? At times, it becomes difficult to assess if it is obesity!

Health Risks And Dangers Of Childhood Obesity

Your obese child may look cute with that puppy fat but he is at constant risk of numerous health hazards. Here are some of the health risks and dangers that he may have to face.

How To Identify Obesity In Children?

Though obesity has become rampant, parents are still unable to identify whether or not their child is suffering from obesity. Extra weight is not always a part of the growing process.

Childhood Obesity

If you thought that obesity was the legacy of adults, then you probably need to think it over. The obesity syndrome can hit your young one too. The problem in children can be grave. So do not overlook your child’s fat.