Is Your Work Out Leading To Weight Gain?

At times it may happen that even after a regular exercise regime, people are not able to achieve their desired weight loss goals. Instead some people even end up putting on more weight rather than losing it. Shocked? So are those people who increase their body weight despite an exercise regime.

The situation of weight gain despite exercise is not something that is new or uncommon. This happens to many people. But to understand the reasons behind the same, you first of all need to understand the factors that influence weight loss.

Are you exercising enough?
Exercising to lose weight works on the simple principle of burning calories. The more you exercise the more calories you burn and thus you lose weight accordingly. Ideally if you burn 500 calories day, you shall be able to lose one pound in a week. So you need to make sure that you are exercising enough to lose weight.

At times, it may happen that you are exercising very little because of which you may not be able to burn the desired number of calories. In this case you might just feel fitter but will not be able to reduce weight.

But why weight gain?
The lack of ample exercise or inadequate exercise may explain the cause for no weight loss. But it still does not manage to explain the causes of weight gain. There can be several reasons or factors that are responsible for showing you weight movement in an upward direction.

Did you check your weight right?
Many a times, checking weight the wrong way can show an apparent rise in your weight. Ideally one would weigh himself/herself early in the morning when you have not eaten anything for the past 10-12 hours. The scale would show a different result in the evening when you have done your snacking bit and guzzled some drinks than it would show in the morning.

Is it the muscle?
If you have been building muscles through your workout, you could be gaining weight even when you are actually getting slimmer. For muscle building one should opt for weight lifting cardio does not help much if you are trying to develop muscles. However, muscle building takes up quite some time.

Is your exercising accompanied with increased diet?
This can be another possible cause for you to gain weight despite exercising. Though there is no proof of the fact that exercising makes you hungrier, there are still people who indulge more after a workout. In fact a hardcore workout session could actually help suppress your diet. But some people may eat because of other emotional factors.
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