Get Your Weight Loss Facts Right

There are so many things the world will tell you if you are trying to lose weight. But not all of them may be true. Here are some of the most common weight loss myths that you should never follow.

Pop the pill
Weight loss pills are the latest fads in the market. Understand that a pill can never help you lose weight. These pills can contain harsh chemicals that can have devastating effects on your overall health. And even if it does, it is going to have serious side effects.

Hit the gym
You need not be a pro at the gym to lose weight. Any form of moderate physical like walking, cycling, skipping or even dancing on a regular basis can help reduce weight.

Chuck that fat
This is the most common myth pertaining to obesity. But not all fats are as bad as they are made to be. The fact is that there are some fats that can pump your obesity. While at the same time, there are also some that are unhealthy (saturated fats). You need to learn to distinguish between the good and the bad fat.

Goodbye carbohydrates
After fats, carbohydrates are being considered as the next big hindrance in the process of weight loss. The idea here again is to distinguish between the unhealthy carbohydrates and the healthy ones. Complex carbohydrates such as those found in vegetables are actually good for the body.

Instant weight loss
There are countless weight loss formulas and diet plans tat will promise you a miraculous weight loss. Anything that promises you an instant weight loss is a sheer gimmick. And even if it stands true to what it promises, it is an unhealthy way of losing weight and can have serious consequences on your health in the long run.

Starve yourself
This is what any weight loss advisors would tell you to do. However starving is the unhealthiest thing to do. Starving deprives your body of essential nutrients and helps you lose muscle and not weight.

Evening binge
Most dietitians advise you to wrap up your dinner early in the evening. However it is not the time you are eating that matters, but what you are eating that counts. So even if you are eating late and eating the right thing, be completely assured of not putting on weight.

Cautious at the salad bar
Just because salad bars make use of some veggies and fruits need not imply that they are healthy. The contemporary salads come with cheese, oily dressings, tons of mayonnaise etc. So they could be as devastating as any other junk food.

Diet sodas to go
Many people have fostered the myth that diet loss helps you lose weight. However, there is absolutely no proof of this fact. In fact not a single study shows that diet sodas aid in weight loss.

Keep that scale away
Most weight loss experts advise you to keep the scale away. However a scale should always be kept close if you are aiming at weight loss. It helps you monitor your daily progress.
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